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Prolongation of the Open Call due to exhibition extension

Open call for 
exhibition 'Equalities'

‘Equalities’ exhibition

Equal value, equal worth, equal skills – equal power? Partnership on an equal footing in all areas of life


  • 8 to 22 March 2023, to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023

  • Main hall, Zurich Central Railway Station


Event organiser

Advance – Gender Equality in Business, the leading non-profit organisation for gender equality in the workplace in Switzerland (, in collaboration with WOM!-art (


Type of competition

The open call invites artists to get to grips with the topic of ‘equalities’ (see description below and PDF) and to share their perspective using a 2 m-tall sculpture, the ‘Advancine’, which is pre-made and supplied by Advance. It is also possible to submit ideas that require more space than the Advancine statue as the central railway station’s hall does have sufficient room for this. 


Alongside the concept of the work, we would also like to see a description of its core message.


Around 20 artists will be selected by an independent jury to put their ideas into practice and exhibit them alongside each other. 


The sculptures will be supplied to the participants pre-made and primed, so they can add their own designs to them. 

Place & time of the exhibition 

8 – 22 March 2023, Zurich Central Railway Station 


The exhibition is held over the course of two weeks in March 2023, to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023, in the main hall of Zurich’s central railway station. This is Switzerland’s most frequently visited location, seeing 437,000 visitors a day. 


Objective & topic of the exhibition

The exhibition is intended to make the public aware of the issues relating to gender equality, equal opportunities and inclusion in the workplace, provide food for thought and stimulate discussions – accompanied by facts and figures on the topic.


Many aspects play a role when it comes to making gender equality a reality in our day-to-day lives: equality in child-rearing & education, equality in domestic & family labour, equality at work, influence, power & money.


As part of this, the overarching goal is to ensure that every person (whether female, male or non-binary) is always seen and heard, included, respected and appreciated when they express themselves in their unique, diverse way. 


To reach this goal, everyone needs to ask themselves the following questions: 

  • ‘To what extent am I guided by the expectations of others, such as my parents or society?’ 

  • ‘To what extent am I living a fulfilling life?’

  • ‘To what extent am I aware of my own influences and patterns?’

  • ‘What can I do if I want to break free of patterns?’


The exhibition is intended to spark these kinds of questions and stimulate debate. The figure of the ‘Advancine’ represents everyone making their own personal and professional dreams a reality. 


In turn, gender equality represents being ‘of equal value and of equal worth’. It benefits everyone – no matter their gender. 


More about the objective and topic of the exhibition, and facts and figures on gender equality in Switzerland, can be found in the PDF



Professional visual artists that currently have their permanent place of residence in Switzerland are eligible to participate. 


Jury members and individuals involved in preparing the call for applications are not permitted to participate.


Participants must have a workspace and storage space that can hold the 2m-tall sculpture of the width described. 



Entries must be submitted via this online form by 24:00 on Sunday, 11 December 2022. Participation is free of charge. The sole requirement is having a free Google account to complete the form.


  • Mirjam Varadinis, curator Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich

  • Ana Vujic, artist and curator of Voltage, Basel

  • Corinna Weiss, director of Quartier Général, La-Chaux-de-Fonds

  • Daniela Hediger, chair of the jury, WOM!-art founder, curator, Zurich

  • Hélène Mariéthoz, curator and president of Visarte, Geneva

  • Mark Damon Harvey, FAT-Art co-founder, artist, Zurich


The jury creates a report discussing the general aspects of the call for proposals, assessing the entries within the overall context, describing the short-listed contributions in depth and documenting and justifying their decisions. 


The report is to be signed by all jury members. The decisions of the jury are binding for all participants and the event organiser.


Prize money

The artists that have been chosen will receive CHF 3,000 from Advance for their artworks.


The artists will be invited to the opening reception. 

Advance may include artists in its communication, e.g. with a making-of video broadcast online and at the exhibition, in consultation with the artists.


Ownership and copyright

The submitted works are in the ownership of Advance from the point at which the sculpture is delivered to the artists.


Advance and WOM!-art have the right to publish images and information on the submissions and the work on the sculpture on their websites, via other electronic communications media and in any printed publications.

Organisation & logistics

The financial and organisational aspects of the transport are handled by the event organiser. Artists will not incur any additional costs for this. 


The sculpture is delivered to the artists’ locations in early January 2023 and will be collected shortly before the exhibition. The address of the location is to be stated in the online form.


The works that have been selected may be shown in other exhibitions. 


‘Advancine’ sculpture 

Figure made from synthetic resin
Surface: painted smooth, matte white

Figure 1.65 m

Base 35 cm

Total height 2 m


Figure and base are individual pieces. They can be processed separately.


11 Dec 2022                            Deadline for submission of concepts
16 Dec 2022                            Communication of jury’s decision
End of January 2023                    Delivery of sculptures for artists to work on
27 Feb – 7 Mar 2023                    Collection of sculptures for the exhibition
8 Mar 2023                             Opening reception for the exhibition
22 Mar 2023                            End of the exhibition




Participants are welcome to contact Daniela Hediger directly with questions about the competition:

Closing provision

By giving their approval/by participating, the event organiser, the jury members and participants recognise the provisions included herein as binding.


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